Adventures in Breastfeeding!

img_5613-2This is a pic of Baby Holland and the face she makes when she wants the boobie!!

Getting her to latch hasn’t been as effortless as I thought it would be though.  She was born September 19 at 8:34 AM at Cedars Senai Hospital in LA.  She was 21 inches and 6 lbs 13 ounces.  I scheduled a cesarian because she was breech.  She had a mind of her own even in utero and still does!

After the cesarian she latched right away in the recovery room.  After that though she started having some trouble.  Luckily the most amazing lactation consultant Hedi walked in and started helping us.  It was def a struggle at first and Holland didn’t seem to like breastfeeding.  It broke my heart and caused a fight between me and my fiancé Galen when I relented and gave her a bottle of Simlac Organic formula that the hospital provided.

Hedi told us it is okay to make a collustrum cocktail for the time being which meant combining the formula with some hand squeezed  collustrum.  Galen literally had to milk me like a cow to pump out the collustrum.  The pump wasn’t working yet…until it finally did!

Stage 2 enter the pump:

IMG_5514.JPGWe rented the Medella Symphony pump from the hospital.  (yes you can see I still have a bottle of formula next to me bed as back up)

We accidentally turned the pump up too high though and it injured my left nipple.  It’s still in recovery so for now I’m operating with only one breast, lol!!

The good thing about the pump is that it shaped my nipple so that Holland can latch better!  Who knew nipple shape was such a thing?!

Anyway now she is happily latching away.  I’m pumping at least a bottle or two a day.  However, I still have Simlac Supplemental on site in case I need it.  It’s more important that she eats and gets nourishment to me right now than it is to only give breast milk.

I do hope to get to the point where I’m a full fledged dairy queen and feeding out of the boob exclusively.

Until then…




One thought on “Adventures in Breastfeeding!

  1. Breastfeeding is HARD – VERY HARD for most of us. Don’t feel guilty about supplementing, or even if you choose to go with formula. Fed is best. My personal experience is with three daughters, three different experiences. My last baby (who is 9 months old) I exclusively pumped, bottle feeding my BM. Was the best of both in my view. My husband wisely supported whatever I wanted to do and was comfortable with. Try not to allow the chatter around you lead you to what isn’t best for YOU and your babe. Holland will be happy if you are happy. Surround yourself with supportive ppl and those who respect your choice to keep trying or to modify the plan or to quit. Trust me when I tell you in a very quick time, you will look back and think what the hell was the big deal?! Love & support in your journey! I follow you on Instagram and am loving your sweet pictures 🙂


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