So…it’s been 5 months since I became a mom and I think I’ve got the hang of it.  It just so happened that I was at a place in my career where I have been able to be a full time mom.  I met Holland’s dad Galen working at his Family Law Practice.  We both agreed it was best for her for me to stay home with her during the first year or so of her life.

I’m not sure I always knew I would be a stay at home mom but for now it feels right.  There is no one besides her dad and sometimes her Mama C (my mom) who she enjoys being around as much as me.  I just have that mother’s intuition and am able to tend to all of her needs and decipher her adorable sounds and occasional cries.  I know her I want my bottle cry, her I’m sleepy cry and her I’m bored fake cry, lol!!

It has been a bit of an adjustment for me though.  I’m someone who has been used to always being on the go.  I was in law school and doing reality at the same time while volunteering at the junior league and having the occasional clerkship.  Even once I started working I would fill my evenings with Equinox, happy hour and dinner with friends, not having much down time.

This is not to say that being a mom isn’t busy but it’s a different kind of busy.  I write this now as Holland is taking a nap. Though she seems about to wake at any moment- better type fast.

I prefer to have her on a needs based schedule.  Meaning we don’t have particular napping times, etc.  She has been waking up, playing for about two hours and then wanting to go back down for a nap.  She is also a bit of a night owl like me.  Her preferred bed time is around 9 pacific so when we are in Texas it can be as late as 11pm!  She usually wakes between 8-9am which is just fine with me!  However it makes morning bday parties and get togethers with other moms difficult.  I prefer to wait until after her nap, which makes it hard to be anywhere before 1pm.

Some of our favorite things to do together are: going on walks on the beach, going to Mommy and Me Yoga- we love Yoga West in LA.  In Houston, we love the Houstonian.  There is a place called the Bungalow where babies can go play while mommies can work out, get a spa treatment, lunch or just chill and drink coffee.  She loves the women who watch her there.  I’m looking forward to when she’s 6 months old and can go to Spa Le La- just went to the opening. We love the Pump Station in Santa Monica- it’s a great resource for moms and babies too.  They have great classes and mommy and me groups.  Also wanting to try out Kids Corner at Equinox this week.  We also love get togethers with our other Glitter Mommies.  It’s fun to bond while the babies play and exchange tips and stories.

Over the weekend Baby Holland went skiing!  We all three went to Big Bear and she rode down the mountain in her Baby Bjorn strapped to Daddy’s chest under his parka- she had so much fun.  That just personifies our parenting style- we bring her everywhere since we know that she’s the happiest with us.  And honestly, we are the happiest with her too 🙂