Holland’s TV Debut

Life post “Bachelor” as a mommy

Click on the link to check out Baby Hollabd’s tv debut.  It was so much fun to film with her yesterday and as the production team said, she’s a natural.  This was also my first time filming since having her.  I did my own make up and cared more about what she wore than what I wore, lol!  I love how things have changed since having her.


Let’s Taco Bout Fitness

Because fitness and tacos go together right?  Well kind of..I mean if you eat a taco you should probably go work out after.  Unless you’re pregnant.  Then it’s a pass. Lol!  At least it was with me.  Now, it’s time to get back into it.  But first let’s look at my old gym selfie from pre pregnancy and admire how fit I was.  Sigh.

weight pic

Fitness has always been important to me.  I’ve never been naturally thin.  I am actually naturally muscular and curvy. I have an easy time gaining weight whether it is muscle or fat.  Therefor, if I eat right and hit the gym, I’m able to look pretty good.  If I don’t though, that is a different story.

I actually somewhat envisioned myself having a fit pregnancy.  I was hoping to look like Jessica Biel or someone who maintains a fit body during pregnancy.  Instead I went total Kim K on it, eating whatever I wanted and rarely hitting the gym.  No taco was off limits!  Nor was any donut, burger, pizza, cupcake, pancake, you get the idea…I took it as my all access pass to indulge however I wanted. I’m not even sure I had cravings- I just indulged in everything.  If I was watching TV and saw a commercial for a food, I immediately felt I had to get that food and I did!!  Whereas, in the past I would try to satisfy the craving in a healthy way, or if I did indulge I would hit the gym later.

The more weight I gained (20 lbs in the first trimester alone!)  theharder it was to work out.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I went to Equinox in Bev Hills and got so out of breath and tired just from walking up the stairs from the locker room.  After a few minutes on the elliptical I actually had to go to the bath room and throw up.  Not a proud moment. During the last few weeks of my pregnancy I actually got high blood pressure.  It was always on the lower side before I was pregnant.  (Luckily it’s back to normal now.) At that point walking my dog became difficult and my friends were concerned about my heavy breathing.

When they weighed me at the OBGYN a few days before delivery I saw that I had gained 65 lbs.  OMG.  I was at my ideal weight prior to pregnancy, so if I had gained the recommended 30-35 lbs I would have been good.  Some of my girlfriend tried to make me feel better about it saying “well you were underweight before pregnancy so you needed to gain the extra weight”.  That was sweet of them to say or think, but it wasn’t true.

Oy!!  I knew I had a job to do, 6 weeks after my scheduled c section when I got the green light to work out again-it was time!  About 20 lbs came off due to breastfeeding alone. But that was it.  The rest of this weight I would have to work to get off.

I started with walks around my neighborhood pushing Holland in the stroller.  From there it was time for mom friendly gyms such as Equinox and The Houstonian in Houston that have a babysitting area (Kids Club and Bungalow)  I eased my way back on to the elliptical and took a weight lifting class.  I was told not to do abs because of my C section and when I tried after 2 months it still hurt.  So for now I will wear my belly bandit until the 6 month mark.

The other day I trained at Esser’s gym in LA with my friend Kasey Esser while Holland played on a yoga mat (another good mom friendly option)   It felt good to sweat and have a hard work out for the first time.  I actually liked being sore the next day.

The point is, I’m slowly but surely getting back into it.  I’ve lost 20 more lbs, making it a total of 40.  So I have 25 more to go.  They say it took 9 months to gain and will take 9 months to lose.  That puts me to mid June to reach my goal.  And even if I don’t get down to my exact pre baby weight that’s ok!  As long as I’m healthy and fit, and not overweight that is what is important.  I want to be a good example for my daughter by the time she is old enough to notice.