Where Has The Time Gone?!

I was looking at old pics of Holland last night trying to find a good TBT for today when I came across this gem.  (Also I just started Holland her own Instagram page even though she has already taken over mine, I’m sorry but she is way cuter, lol!!)  Hers is @HollandRoseGentry

Anyway,  I’m one of those people who absolutely loved the newborn stage.  Even my sister in law was like I think you like waking up all night with her and nursing her and changing diapers.  Guess what?  I did!  I remember telling Holland’s dad, Galen, that I looked forward to nights.  I like when Holland would wake me up and I was there to attend to her every need.  PS she still does wake me up sometimes during the night since I never sleep trained her, hee hee.

Anyway,  I made sure to cherish every moment of the newborn stage.  I did not hire a nanny or night nurse.  I wanted to do everything myself (with some help from her dad and other fam members here and there)  I loved her newborn smell, and the smell of her milky little breath as well as the little coos and noises that she made.  I mean what is better than a newborn baby?!

So now my once newborn is approaching 10 months old!  The other day at her daycare at my health club, they moved her from the infant room to the Toddler Room.  I was like, I didn’t think they became a toddler until they were a 1?!  She is crawling away and already trying to stand and soon walk.  She says “Mama” and “Dada”  and “Da” for dog and “Ba” for ball and also says “hi” and waves.

I love how interactive she becomes and how she is able to express love and emotions.  I cannot wait until the first time she is able to tell me that she loves me!  But, I’m trying to enjoy this new stage while I can, since I know before I know it she will really be a toddler, and then a 2 year old, and then a threenager.

My friends with older kids tell me every stage is magical in its own way and I truly agree and understand that.  Babies are blessings, especially healthy and happy ones.  But, I just can’t help it if my heart hurts just a little when I look through these old pics 😉

Below is a pic of us today taken at the Four Seasons in Austin over 4th of July weekend.  We still have not spent a night apart and she is my bff 100%


ER and Baby Holland